Gummy Slice Games

Stay Yellow

Stay Yellow

You're a little yellow blockhead and you want to stay that way.

Avoid the other blockheads who will splatter you with their color. Collect the jars of yellow paint to restore your yellow color. Collect the jars of molasses to slow the other blockheads down. Pick up the shield to be invincible for a time. Avoid the Boss at all costs. Neither the shield or molasses affects him. Stay yellow for as long as you can.

A mouse avoider game.   -   Flash 9   -   1.1MB

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Gumball Roundup

Gumball Line-up

The gumballs have escaped. Get them back into the gumball machine before they overwhelm the game board.

Send the gumballs packing by lining them up vertically, horizontally or diagonally into common flavor lines. Maximize your score with line combos and achievemnt awards. With 3 Bonus powers to help you along through 15 levels of flavorlicious fun!

A Puzzle/Strategy game.   -   Flash 9   -   2.1MB

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Fruity Pies

Fruity Pies

Start a career in the exciting world of pie making and build the required pies in this addictive fast paced arcade game. Dodge the falling rocks or your career is over!

Move your pie maker back and forth to catch the falling fruit. Avoid the falling rocks. Make pies to score points.

An arcade game.   -   Flash 10   -   1.8MB

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Color Math

Color Math

Hone your math skills with this fun educational game. The faster you solve each of the 20 problems without error the higher your score.

Featuring addition, subtraction and multiplication problems with 3 difficulty levels.

An Educational game.   -   Flash 10   -   0.36MB

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Pop the target balloons and go for the high score. Popping the wrong balloon will cost you 1 life and your score multiplier bonus.

An Arcade game.   -   Flash 10   -   1.69MB

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